Yale dissertation readers reports

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School of Public Health 2017–2018

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Nov. 1 Dissertation readers' reports due (GS) Nov. 7 Last day to withdraw a December degree petition (GS) Nov. 9 Last day to drop a fall second-half course without a W on the transcript (YC) Yale College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Exam period. Fall Term Dates to note. Readers’ Reports are due for dissertations to be considered by the Degree Committees for award of the Ph.D.

in December. Teaching @ Yale Day: orientation for all new Teaching Fellows. Jan. F. Final day to submit Dissertation Progress Reports.

The reports written by those readers will be submitted to the graduate faculty in the Department of Religious Studies for their approval. There is no final defense of the dissertation.

Additional Navigation Close. Readers are typically members of the Dissertation Committee but may not include the dissertation advisor.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Programs and Policies 2018–2019

The readers judge the quality of the dissertation. The student and the advisor in consultation with the Dissertation Committee to select readers. Advising for the Graduate School is through the Faculty Student Advising (FSA) system.

Yale College advisers use the Academic Adviser Website. Readers are expected to submit their reports within 30 days of receipt of the email from the Dissertation Submission Office.

How can I review the reader’s reports? Each department controls the distribution of completed reader’s reports to .

Yale dissertation readers reports
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