Nutrition business journal supplement business report

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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

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Supplements Can Make You Sick

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While you guys probably already know that I’m not a fan of meal replacement shakes (Herbalife, Isagenix, BeachBody, Advocare, Shakeology), you may not know that I am a fan of supplements.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not possible to supplement your way out of a bad diet, but specific supplements (that are food based) often make a great addition to a healthy diet. Nutrition Business Journal is a valuable division of Penton Media Inc.

that excels in strategic market and competitive analysis of the enormous, $ billion Global Nutrition Industry, a comprehensive industry that includes functional foods, dietary supplements (minerals, herbs/botanicals, vitamins, meal replacement and specialty), natural personal care, and natural/organic foods.

For companies in the nutrition industry, the ‘new normal’ includes the $ billion in sales on 6 percent growth Nutrition Business Journal estimates for NBJ supplement business report: mostly clear skies for supplement industry Rick Polito | Aug 03, Dark clouds come in different shades, and the difference between a shadow passing over the picnic and a downpour sending the whole park running to their cars is immense.

For companies in the nutrition industry, the ‘new normal’ includes the $ billion in sales on 6 percent growth Nutrition Business Journal estimates for LONDON, Aug. 9, /PRNewswire/ -- For companies in the nutrition industry, the 'new normal' includes the $ billion in sales on 6 percent growth Nutrition Business Journal estimates for

Nutrition business journal supplement business report
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NBJ: ‘The US supplement industry is $37 billion, not $12 billion’