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Atlanta Newspaper Guide

Prior to the passive, both papers planned to make TV stations:. By Kevin Riley — On Friday’s front page of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, reporters Tamar Hallerman, our Washington correspondent, and Michael Kanell, a business reporter based here, wrote about Ironmonger Brewing Co.

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advertisement. advertisement. Staff Members. Name Title Local government and Business teams: Email: Johnny Edwards: Atlanta Falcons beat writer: Email.

Urvaksh Karkaria, Atlanta Business Chronicle – A staff writer for The Atlanta Business Chronicle, Urvaksh covers Atlanta’s booming technology industry in print and on his blog, TechFlash.

Follow Urvaksh on Twitter at @Urvaksh. Newspaper wins confidentiality battle over most claims in Jewell suit. A superior court judge in Georgia found that statements published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about former Olympic Park security guard Richard Jewell were not libelous.

state investigation by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution into cheating by schools to improve student test scores, including Atlanta Public Schools.

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Atlanta journal constitution business reporters
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