Annual report of beximco textile

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Investor Relations

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Investor Relations

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BEXIMCO encompasses one of South Asia's largest vertically integrated textile and garment companies. The Textile division is a fully integrated manufacturer of cotton and polyester blended garments for men, women and.

The company is present in textiles, real estate & hospitality, marine food & commodities trading, ICT, ceramics and aviation. The company’s largest division is Textiles, which is a fully integrated manufacturer of cotton and polyester blended garments for men, women.

Annual Report Annual Report Annual Report Current Share Price Price: Tk. 23 Update Time:Share prices quoted from Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited. *B for bonus or stock dividend, otherwise cash. *Note: Price Earnings (P/E) Ratio has been calculated as per annual financial statements submitted by the listed securities by adopting uniform income year from July to June in compliance with the provisions of the Finance Act, and BSEC Directive No.

SEC/SRMIC/// dated April 27, For the first time adoption of the change in. Topic Report on Beximco Textile Limited Company Segment. Beximco Fashion Limited has strong relationships with the world class brands like Wal-Mart.

RMG industry is probably the most promising one. it can enhance its .

Annual report of beximco textile
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