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[Behind the Selfie] with... Lerato Mbele

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BBC launches Africa Business Report

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Here I interviewed the medical president; trade union leaders and compelling heads of state from Africa, such as Dos Kagame of Rwanda. Africa Business Report is broadcast on BBC World News on Fridays at and GMT, on Saturdays at GMT and GMT and on Sundays at GMT.

This week, Lerato Mbele presents the programme from Addis Ababa. Lerato Mbele, Africa Business Report, BBC World News. Shared Prosperity Forum with World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim The University of Ghana will host World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim and several high level opinion leaders from the public and private sectors to.

BBC World News, Africa Business Report Lerato Mbele

The CEO of Dangote Group speaks to Lerato Mbele on BBC‘s Africa Business Report. Aliko explains how he turned a loan from his grandfather into a business which spanned cement, sugar, flour, and.

Oct 13,  · BBC World News, Africa Business Report Lerato Mbele October 13, - WASHINGTON, DC. World Bank / IMF Annual Meetings. Human Capital Summit: Committing to Action to Drive Economic K.

Africa Business Report, a new BBC-TV program, is set to launch in October on prime-time TV across Africa, according to a report in AfricaBusinessReview.

Veteran South African TV anchor Lerato Mbele will present key business stories and trends from across Africa, broadcast on Fridays and Saturdays on BBC World News. Lerato Mbele is a journalist and broadcaster from South Africa.

Lerato Mbele

She is popularly known as the presenter of Africa Business Report on BBC World News. Lerato began her career by working at the South African Broadcasting Corporation inrising to become an anchor for its programme News at Ten.

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